Specializing in Thai & Asian Contemporary Art

Born 1971

B.F.A. Faculty of Painting, Sculpture and Graphic Arts,
Silpakorn University, Bangkok
Candidate / Master's Degree of Painting' Silpakorn University

Selected Exhibitions
Art Singapore 2001 , SINGAPORE
Solo exhibition “Life (1) “ at  Banbangkok  Gallery (2000), Bangkok
Solo Exhibition “Made in Bangkok” at Galerie op Zolder  , Amsterdam, Natherland  (2002)
Solo exhibition “Life must go on” at Akko Gallery (2003)
Exhibition Group “Chaos of  life” by Onibaba due, JAPAN
Seoul – Asia Art Now. 2003 , South Korea.
“ The Brightness of Life” at exhibition at Thavibu  Gallery, Bangkok
Art exhibition to Celebrate the Auspicious Occasion of His Majesty the King's “Self – Sufficiency ”  at Silpakorn University (2006), Bangkok
Tradition and Modernity in South East Asian  Art, at Asian Cultural Center, New York (2006)
Exhibition  Group  " Enduring  Reality "  at  The  National  Gallery  ( 2007 ), Bangkok
Painting  Exhibition  to  Commemorate  The  King 's  80th   Birthday  King  Bhumibol  Adulyadej : The  Great  Achiever,  at  The  Queen 's  Gallery  ( 2007 – 2008 ), Bangkok
Solo  exhibition  " Light  of  Life "  at  D  Gallery  ( 2008 ), bangkok
Borobodur  Auction  2008  Singapore
Exhibition  Group "Charity  of  Thai  Elephant "at  Lumpang ( 2009 ), Bangkok  
Solo  exhibition   " Bangkok  Station " at  thavibu  gallery  ( 2010 ), bangkok

Award and Honours
1995    The second Prize winner of  SVOA Art  Exhibition
             Art of Philip Morris Group Certificate
1996    The second Award of Contemporary painting of  Siam TV
1998    Award Winner Toshiba “Bring Good Things to Life” Art Competition
             2nd Prize Contemporary Painting of  Bualuang  painting Contest  By Bangkok Bank
1999    Art of Philip Morris Group Certificate
2000   Top Award Winner, THAILAND ART AWARD 2000 by Philip Morris  Group
            Award Winner Toshiba “Bring Good Things to Life” Art competition
            2nd  Prize , Philip Morris, ASEAN Art Award 2000,    SINGAPORE
2001   3rd Prize, Bronze medal, painting, 47th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok
2002   2nd Prize, Silver Medal,  Panasonic Contemporary Painting Exhibition, Bangkok
             2nd Prize, Silver Medal, Painting, 48th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok
2003   Award in Support of The 49th National Exhibition of Art, Bangkok
            Art of  Philip Morris Group Certificate, Bangkok
2004   1st Prize, 1st SAMART Contemporary Painting Exhibition of 50th SAMART, Bangkok
2005   st Prize, The Identity of  Andaman, Office of Contemporary Art & Culture, Bangkok