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H Gallery Bangkok is very pleased to announce an ambitious collaboration with 2 of Bangok’s most established venues for contemporary art: 100 Tonson Gallery and the Art Center of Chulalongkorn University. Pinaree Sanpitak’s recent works include interactive installations and a series of paintings that reveal new interests and developments in Pinaree’s on-going exploration of the symbolic and experiential dimensions of corporeality.

H Gallery will exhibit a large number of sculptural forms inspired by origami and woven from rattan. Viewers are invited to engage with these near-surreal motifs of cubes with wings. At The Art Center an installation of hanging forms will also engage the visitor’s body but with sensors that trigger especially composed soundtracks. While both these exhibitions encourage a reflection on our physical being in terms of movement, space and touch, Pinaree’s new paintings at 100 Tonson Gallery explore the plastic and metaphorical potential of her motifs as objects for the contemplation of existence.

Pinaree states, “The body, which has been a continuing focus in my work for the past 20 years - explores sensory experience and perception. Recently, my son’s interest in pursuing studies in fashion design has led me to look at the body through the ideas of adornment: How the body is epitomized or minimized. What matters to me is how the body becomes a site of transit, contemplation and understanding. The body - part or whole - ponders, wonders and challenges.”


Pinaree Sanpitak
August 6 - September 4 2011