Specializing in Thai & Asian Contemporary Art


H Gallery is very pleased to announce a 2-part exhibition that excites tensions and antagonisms for considerations of what contemporary painting practice is and does.

Moving outward from purportedly traditional notions of painterly craft to vacillations between the intimate and the vulgar, the observed and the cerebral, art historical preoccupations and thoroughly contemporary experiments, Conflicts of Interest seeks to highlight divisions rather than resolve them. This disunifying theme inquires into how, for example, the rhetoric of authentic expression can be reinvigorated by juxtaposition with the slapdash and ironic, without the latter losing potency. Further, painting’s vexed relationships to visual and material culture at large are acknowledged; between text and image; the streamlined and the visceral; the appropriated and the invented; the assimilated and disruptive; and form and formlessness.

Conflicts of Interest essentially takes a skewed look at conservative understandings of painterly methods and forms in order to provoke radical relationships and fresh perceptions.


March 15 – April 30 2012
February 16 – March 12 2012
Curated by Brian Curtin
Alan Van Every / Thaiwijit Phuengkasemsomboon / Andrew Stahl / Tania Rutland / Giles Ryder / Sujin Wattanawongchai